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Alarm System Sign
Alarm System Panel

Better, Smarter Security

Security Services


N8Tech is an partner that installs state of the art alarm systems. With the use of Qolsys and DSC equipment, we leverage the use of technology to keep your family safe. Mobile Apps
Alarm System Video Doorbell
Home Automation Thermostat Partner

Do more with your alarm system by adding automation!

  • Video Doorbells with Person Detection Analytics

  • Thermostats

  • Open and Close Garage Doors

  • Turn Lights On and Off

  • Integrated Door Locks

  • Control Irrigation Systems

Security Camera
Alibi PTZ Camera
Alibi Turret Camera

N8Tech is an Alibi Partner selling on premise camera systems. We have a full range of IP cameras including dome, turret, bullet, and PTZ. All of our cameras have built in analytics providing the options for person detection, face detection, line detection, vehicle detection, gun detection, heat detection, PTZ patrolling, etc.

N8Tech Security Yard Sign

Camera Systems

Security Cameras

Lighting & Shades


Looking for the right lighting in your home? Look no further! N8Tech has everything you need to smartly control your lights and shads with the best dealer in the business...Lutron

Lutron Lighting
Lutron Shades
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